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Bedding Suit

100% Cotton Soft Bedcloth Florals Printing Bed Sheet Duvet Cover

  • Material:cotton
  • Size:1.5/1.8/2m
  • Process:twill
  • Packages:4pcs
  • Product description: home bedding suit,cotton bedding products
Color:as picture shown
1 bed sheet + 1 quilt cover  + 2 pillowcase=4pc
1in=2.54cm  For example: 175cm=175/2.54=68inch
Queen size(4pcs/set)
quilt cover*1: 200*230cm(78.7*90.5inch)
bed sheet*1: 245*250cm =(96.5*98.5inch)
pillowcase*2: 48*74cm=(18.9*29.1inch)
Applicable bed size: 1.5/1.8m
Super king size(4pcs/set)
quilt cover*1: 220*240cm=(86.6*94.5inch)
bed sheet*1: 250*270cm=(98.5*106inch)
pillowcase*2: 48*74cm=(18.9*29.1inch)
Applicable bed size: 2m
Note:1.Please carefully read and check the detail size before purchuse.
2.The bedding sets do not include any fillings.
3.Manual measurement 0-5cm error is allowable.


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