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New changes in the textile industry in the Internet Era

        Internet era, the traditional means of marketing under the new media trend appears to be greatly reduced power and fatigue. Home textile enterprises want to consumers, in order to ensure the quality of the product, it is necessary to carry out innovative marketing methods to seek a new way out. Consumers affect the fate of home textile enterprises, to get the recognition of consumers, enterprises should pay attention to the innovation of marketing model.
        First, we must pay close attention to product innovation.
        From the marketing point of view, to broaden the innovation of a single product style, to meet market demand, and strive to improve product categories, functions, and other innovations, which is one of the important elements of the market can not be ignored.
       Second, marketing ability innovation.
       At present, under the influence of online sales, offline stores ushered in the busy season, off-season, so now the textile enterprises marketing is no longer to brand innovation pure advertising, twenty to convert a marketing perspective, from the perspective of brand, product, marketing "three in one, make the product marketing broaden the channels. From the product, the brand to the marketing, now the home textile market service innovation is also very critical.
       Third, micro innovation is a refreshing agent
       Minimally invasive new will not have a direct impact on marketing, but a series of micro move will have a lot of long-term interests of the propaganda and marketing of product spleen. For example, some brands with China beat South Korea 1:0, with its own brand WeChat promotion and promotion, caused a sensation and attention for a time, WeChat circle opened Shuabing mode, people sigh micro innovation charm. In fact, this new minimally invasive cost is very low, as long as the storm, the appropriate social hot spots and brand innovation will have a significant impact.


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