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   Ningxia Shun Ze Bao International Trade Co.,LTD is a professional foreign trade company  approved  by the Ministry of Commerce. Our company is main engaged in  wholesale of home textile and home decorations.Our factory has many years  experience in producing textile, strong technical force.All our products with high quality standards, products are exported to overseas markets, many famous at home and abroad. 

    Ningxia Shun Ze Bao International Trade Co., Ltd. is committed to the principle of "quality first, reputation first".You choose our products, you will have excellent quality and high quality service!  Warmly welcomes all walks of life to visit, inspect and negotiate business.


Contact: Candy

Phone: 86 13309591390

Tel: 0951-3806365

Email: candy@szbtrade.com

Add: Tower D,Zi Jing Hua Business Center,Xinchang Road, Jinfeng District,Yinchuan, Ningxia,China

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